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Custom Logo Design Glossary


Adobe Acrobat: Suite of applications to create and view PDF files.

Adobe Illustrator file format (.AI files):
AI was developed by Adobe Systems for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. It is primarily vector based although later versions, such as versions 6.0 and 7.0, support bitmap information.

Adobe Photo file format (PSD.files): The PSD file format (.psd files) is the native bitmap file format for Adobe Photoshop.

Aliasing: The term is commonly applied to spatial aliasing, which manifests as visible pixelation - a blocky or jagged effect - especially with near horizontal or near vertical lines of high contrast.

Arrow keys:
Direction keys that move or "nudge" selected objects in small increments. You can also use Arrow keys to position the cursor when you type or edit text onscreen or in a dialog box.

Aspect Ratio: The ratio of the width of an image to its height (expressed mathematically as x:y). For example, the aspect ratio of an image that is 640 x 480 pixels is 4:3.

Anti-aliasing : You can change the on-screen appearance of text by smoothing the font edges. Anti-aliasing fills jagged pixels with intermediate color or shades of gray to increase clarity. The effect is easier to view on large fonts or by zooming in on the text.

Anti-alias: The blending of pixel colors on the perimeter of hard-edged shapes, like type, to smooth undesirable edges (jaggies).

AutoCAD Drawing Database (.dwg files):
are vector files used as a native format for AutoCAD drawings.

Animated Gif:
The Graphic Interchange Format (.gif files), developed by CompuServe Inc., is a bitmap-based format designed for use on the World Wide Web. It is highly compressed to minimize file transfer time and supports images with 256 colors or fewer. The GIF format provides the ability to store multiple bitmaps in a file. When the multiple images are displayed in rapid succession, the file is called an animated .gif file.

Anchor Point: The point that remains stationary when you stretch, scale, mirror, or skew an object. Anchor points correspond to the eight handles that display when an object is selected .

Alpha channel
A special 8-bit grayscale channel that is used for saving a selection.

The space between columns within a page. Not to be confused with the gutter, which is the combination of the inside margins of two facing pages.

Ascender: In typography, the parts of lowercase letters that rise above the x-height of the font, e.g. b, d, f, h, k, I, and t.