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Custom Logo Design Glossary


Banner: The title of a periodical, which appears on the cover of the magazine and on the first page of the newsletter. It contains the name of the publication and serial information, date, volume, number .

Baseline: Iin typography, the imaginary horizontal line upon which the main body of the letters sits. Rounded letters actually dip slightly below the baseline to give optical balance.

Bezier Line: A line drawn one segment at a time by adding nodes with the Bezier tool.
A path defined by the position of the four control points that are located at the ends of the tangents of the vertices. The length and angle of the tangents describe how a path deviates from linear between its vertices.

Bit-mapped (mode): The Paint graphics mode describes an image made of pixels where the pixel is either on (black) or off (white).

Black (font): Afont that has more weight than the bold version of a typeface.

An element that extends to the edge of the page. To print a bleed, the publication is printed on oversized paper which is trimmed.

Blend: An effect created by blending one object with another through a progression of shapes and colors.

Bit Depth: The number of binary bits that define the shade or color of each pixel in a bitmapped image. For example, a pixel in a black-and-white image has a depth of 1 bit, because it can only be black or white. The number of color values that a given bit depth can produce is equal to 2 to the power of the bit depth

Bevels: Another way in which you can give an object a three-dimensional appearance is by applying a beveled edge to an extrusion. A bevel creates the illusion that an object's extruded edges are cut on an angle. You can specify the angle and depth values of the bevel to control the effect.

Bitmapped Image: An image composed of grids of pixels or dots.

Block quote: Along quotation -- four or more lines -- within body text, that is set apart in order to clearly distinguish the author's words from the words that the author is quoting.

BMP: The Windows bitmap file format (.bmp files) was developed as a standard for representing graphic images as bitmapped images. Bitmapped images, also called raster or paint images, are made of individual dots, called pixels (picture elements), that are arranged and colored to form a pattern. Increasing the size of a bitmapped image has the effect of increasing individual pixels, making lines and shapes appear jagged.

Body type: Roman -- normal, plain, or book -- type used for long passages of text, such a stories in a newsletter, magazine, or chapters in a book. Generally sized from 9 point to 14 point

Byline: In newsletter/magazine layout, a credit line for the author of an article.