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Custom Logo Design Glossary


Facing pages: in a double-sided document, the two pages that appear as a spread when the publication is opened.

to insert small amounts of additional leading between lines, paragraphs, and before and after headings in order to equalize the baselines of columns on a page.

File Format: A file format defines how an application stores information in a file. When you name a file, an application automatically appends a filename extension, usually three characters in length; for example, .cdr, .bmp, .tif, and .eps. This filename extension helps you and the computer differentiate between different file types or file formats.

Fill: A color, bitmapped image, fountain, or pattern applied to an area of an image.

Filter: The name for an application that translates digital information from one form to another.

FlashPix (.fpx files) file format: originally designed by Eastman Kodak Company, is a bitmap format used mostly for digital photographs. It provides the ability to store several resolutions of an image in the same file. It also supports digital watermarks.

Folio: a page number, often set with running headers or footers.

Font: a set of characters in a specific typeface, at a specific point size, and in a specific style. "12-point Times Bold" is a font -- the typeface Times, at 12-point size, in the bold style. Hence "12-point Times Italic" and "10-point Times Bold" are separate font.