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Custom Logo Design Glossary


Majuscule: a capital letter.

a lowercase letter .

the credit box, headed by the publication name, that lists sponsors, editors, writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, and others, along with the publication office address, subscription and advertising information, etc.

(noun) in typography, the length of a line, even if the line is not filled with characters (such as a centered or partial line), designated in picas. When the text is set in columns, the line length is called column measure.

for a halftone, a special screen that produces connected, dusty-looking dots.

Miter limit:
A value that determines when two lines that meet at a sharp angle switch from a pointed (mitered) joint to a squared-off (beveled) joint.

Moiré patterns:
Undesirable wave patterns that are created by conflicting dot patterns in an image. A Moiré pattern is created when halftone screens of two different frequencies are superimposed on an image. For example, when you scan a halftone image, you see Moiré patterns on your monitor because the original halftone screen is different than the dots per inch (dpi) frequency of the scanned image.
Moiré patterns can be damaging when they occur in color separations. Set the screen angles and frequencies of your halftone screen correctly to avoid this problem.

Monospaced type:
a (typewriter) typeface in which the amount of horizontal space taken up by each character is the same.