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Custom Logo Design Glossary


Negative space: in design, the space where the figure isn't -- in artwork, usually the background; in a publication, the parts of the page not occupied by type or graphics.

Nested group: A group of two or more groups that behaves as one object.

Nested stories: in newsletter/magazine layout, stories run in multiple columns at different column depths

Nodes: The square points at the end of a line and a curve segment. You can change the shape of a line or curve by dragging one or more of its nodes.

Nonprinting characters : An item that appears on the screen but does not print. They include the rulers, guidelines, table gridlines, hidden text, and formatting symbols, such as spaces, hard returns, tabs, and indents.

Noise: In bitmap editing, random pixels on the surface of a bitmap, resembling static on a television screen.

Nudge: To move an object in increments.