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Question : Exactly What Happens When Customer Makes A Purchase?

Answer : The payment process is very simple from the customer's perspective, but a great deal happens behind the scenes.
For example:

A customer visits our Web site, selects a design package and submit order form, then advances to the checkout portion of the process.

At this point, a customer on a 2CO-affiliated site advances to an SSL-encrypted order page, which guarantees the security of their personal and payment information. read more...

Once the customer enters and submits credit card information, 2CO's processes immediately perform an authorization. The processes verify that the information submitted is correct, and that the funds required for the sale are available.

If the information is inaccurate, or funds are not available, the sale will be declined and the customer notified as to the reason (if an appropriate code is provided by the cardholder's bank).

If, however, the information is correct and funds are available, the customer is either sent to a final 2CO page or returned to the return URL of Business Logo Design.

Additionally, a sales confirmation email is sent to Business Logo and to the customer, alerting us to the completion of the sale.

Within that same time frame, 2CO's fraud department will review the order for any suspicious traits. Once they have reviewed the order we will receive notice indicating that the order has passed or failed our fraud review. In rare cases, the fraud department may ask for more information from the customer before the order will be passed.

Customers can be confused as to authorizations that remain on their account, even if 2CO has cancelled order for fraud reasons. This is a temporary hold on funds and will be automatically reversed with no action required by either you, the customer or 2CO. Only actual fund settlements require any type of refund.